Our Concept

Quality Comes First

Quality is a key differentiator between generics. Labatec Pharma offers superior product quality. Our oral OTC and Rx drugs are produced at our Swissmedic-approved manufacturing facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our injectable drugs are manufactured in various countries across Europe; The European injectable sites are US FDA and/or EU approved. All our Injectable partners have maintained a steadfast reputation for their uncompromised product quality and highest manufacturing standards.

At Labatec Pharma, Quality Comes First and Above Any Other Consideration.

Part of our Quality Concept is the seamless supply of ordered drugs. We commit to an important level of stock in our Geneva-based warehouses, so as to deliver the requested orders to our clients within 24 hours, avoiding zero stock circumstances and allowing for urgent deliveries. In a satisfaction survey published in November 2011, 100% of our clients declared that they would recommend Labatec Pharma for the quality of the logistic network and client services.

Proven Drug Safety Concept

Based on the latest medical studies about drug safety and administration errors, Labatec has developed its Safety Concept for injectables.

The core idea is to provide only the needed information on the package and avoid name or dosage confusion by healthcare professionals by applying key international recommendations.

Key information and support is also provided to our customers in order to use our drugs safely.

Additionally, for cytostatics, research has been conducted to provide safe packaging avoiding any external contamination which could harm healthcare staff while handling the products

Fair Pricing

The original molecule and the generics compete for market share as soon as the drug patent expires.

Labatec Pharma positions itself as a fair partner, setting prices immediately at a level ensuring both a sustainable position for our company and a fair deal for the healthcare customer. This positioning ensures a trustful and win-win relationship between partners, as well as the sustainability of the deal, with no delivery and quality issues.

Since Labatec Pharma introduced its injectables, hospitals and therefore the entire healthcare system, has been able to make tremendous savings, while at the same time sourcing the highest quality drugs, delivered on time.