• Our Safety Concept

Our Safety Concept


Our Safety First Commitment is simple: we focus on the safe use of our injectables, and not on the design or marketing differentiation of the products.

We have built up our safety approach in reaction to striking figures coming from recent medical studies about the high level of medication errors with injectables.
Intravenous medications pose specific risks because of their greater complexity and the multiple steps involved in their preparation, administration and monitoring.

We believe that healthcare professionals need our support to avoid the risk of continued medical errors occurring.

Studies in hospitals have produced estimates of administration error rates of around 19–27% of drugs administered to patients. Source: Westbrook J.I. et al. BMJ Qual Saf 2011;20(12):1027-34.

There are four major error types including:

  • Wrong intravenous rate 73.3%
  • Wrong volume 33.3%
  • Wrong mixture 5.8%
  • Drug incompatibility 0.80%

Frequency of Error Type in Hospitals (number of errors)

Source :  Westbrook J.I. et al. BMJ Qual Saf 2011;20(12):1027-34.

* Sums exceed totals because of multiple errors within the same intravenous administration.