Avoid drug errors


Drug administration errors are frequent and more likely to have harmful consequences for patients than other types of medication errors. Intravenous administrations have a higher risk and severity error than other medication administrations.

Labatec Pharma concentrates on the safe usage of injectable drugs. The Labatec Safety Concept is based upon key clinical studies and recommendations of renowned Associations and Health Authorities.

Striking Figures

Injection Administration Errors

Studies in hospitals have produced estimates of administration error rates of around 19–27% of drugs administered to patients. Source: Westbrook J.I. et al. BMJ Qual Saf 2011;20(12):1027-34.

Look-alike, sound-alike drugs
  • «Up to 25% of all medication errors are attributed to name confusion, and 33% to packaging and/or labeling confusion». Source: Berman A. J Med Syst 2004;28(1):9-29.
  • «Medication error fatalities occurred more frequently in patients receiving injectable drugs”. Phillips J. et al. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2001;58(19):1835-41.
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)’s eighth report (U.S. Pharmacopeia USP): Visual and auditory perception and short-term memory are all vulnerable to similarity-based errors. In addition, these errors are strongly influence by prescribing frequency or familiarity.
    The USP Similar Names List (2008) contains 1,470 drugs that have been involved in look-alike/sound-alike medication errors. Of the reported names, 839 (57%) are brand (proprietary) names and 631 (43%) are generic names.
Situation in Swiss hospitals (Foundation for Patient Safety, Zürich)
  • More than 7.5% of patients experience a drug error and/or adverse drug event during their hospital stay
  • One drug event out of 20 results from an administration error