Contract manufacturing

Our manufacturing site in Geneva

In Meyrin (Geneva, Switzerland), Labatec Pharma produces and delivers finished pharmaceutical products for customers located in Europe and the Middle-East.

Our manufacturing site in Switzerland is operated by a very experienced team. Our proven know-how, together with the dedication of our staff, ensure the high quality production of our drugs.
All the pharmaceutical products produced at the Labatec Pharma Meyrin are oral pharmaceutical forms:

  • Film and sugar coated tablets
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Immediate-release tablets
  • Modified-release tablets
  • Hard gelatin capsules
Best-Practice manufacturing

The manufacturing site in Switzerland produces in accordance with Swiss Good Manufacturing Practices and is approved by Swissmedic (Swiss agency for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products).

The facility is also registered by the Gulf Central Registration Council which is the Health Ministers’ Council of the Arab Countries in the Gulf.

Our team is proud of their long experience in producing high quality pharmaceutical products in Switzerland, and pay unrelenting attention to the principles and requirements of our Quality Policy.

Quality Comes First

“Quality comes first” is part of Labatec’s business concept. We know that Quality is a key differentiator between drugs.

The quality of our pharmaceutical products is constantly controlled in all key stages of the manufacturing process.
Our drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials are delivered to us by suppliers selected and monitored within our quality assurance framework. To be qualified, all our suppliers make a commitment to respect the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice. For its own production, Labatec only uses raw materials ensuring compliance to international quality directives and guidelines (EP / USP).

During the production process, all the elements susceptible to influence the quality and the effects of a drug are checked very frequently. To verify the stability of our pharmaceutical products, we conduct stability studies according to the test procedures and acceptance criteria of The International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).
After the manufacturing process, the drugs are systematically tested according to the current frame of reference. The pharmaceutical products are consequently authorized to be sold on the basis of these test results.